ED Marshall Jewelers Commissioning your own jewelry

There is nothing quite like owning a one-off piece of jewelry, or art or furniture that you have commissioned and helped in the design of this new and unique item. So many of us simply turn to the mass produced for everything we own and just end up with w2hat everybody else has. But having an item that nobody else has is neither necessarily expensive nor difficult to get. We just have to look in the right places and appoint the right goldsmith and within a few weeks we can have a beautifully designed, high quality and distinct piece of jewelry hanging around our necks, from our ears or on our fingers.

Most stores that offer commissioning of jewelry will have an expert goldsmith who is able to design a piece of jewelry according to specifications from the customer along with the goldsmiths own input in to the design and look and feel of the piece of jewelry. Goldsmiths have a long history of working with gold and goldsmiths have been taking gold and molding it and shaping it ever si8nce the metal was discovered and could be extracted. Goldsmiths were part of society across the world even in countries and regions where there was no gold and the gold had to be imported into the country or region. Gold is a particularly malleable or soft metal which allows goldsmiths to file, saw and polish the metal into almost any shape that they choose. A visit to a historical museum almost anywhere in the world will reveal a range of items containing gold that have been caste and shaped into jewelry, crowns, vases and almost anything else that has aesthetic or functional attributes. Many historical museums will feature the works of goldsmiths from all corners of the globe from ancient China through Africa to North America.

Goldsmiths and their skills is an art form that has thankfully been largely passed down from generation to generation. If you are a Scottsdale resident then you have one of the finest goldsmiths available in Arizona right in town. Ed Marshall Jewelers, is a jewelry and watch buyer and seller that also designs its own range of jewelry and will design a unique and distinctive piece that you may have thought of and have design drafts for. Ed Marshall Jewelers has been a locally based jewelry store for over forty years now and throughout that time has offered highly professional and skilled services to the Scottsdale and many far and wide Arizona residents. Ed Marshall Jewelers is a jewelry store that offers a range of products from new designer jewelry pieces, previously owned high-end jewelry pieces as well as new and previously owned timepieces from some of the most renowned watchmakers along with their own custom jewelry offerings. Their reputation amongst customers is complemented by a number of accreditations from the jewelry trade industry, the precious stone industry as well as business endorsements from organizations such as the Better Business Bureau. No matter what you are wanting to buy or sell or have commissioned from Ed Marshall Jewelers you will receive professional, friendly and personalized service.

When considering having a custom jewelry piece made for you there are a number of factors to consider. The first consideration, before even the design of the piece, is what it is going to be made of. Typically jewelry will have a precious metal such as gold or platinum in it and you need to choose what you want. Both metals not only have aesthetic purposes but both also have an investment element to them. Platinum is obviously a rarer more expensive metal and your custom jewelry will therefore cost more. Gold is more versatile in that it can be colored in a yellow or white form meaning that gold gives you more choice and variation in your jewelry design. Many jewelry designs will contain elements of both yellow and white gold.

When deciding on the metal, you will also need to consider the karat weight of gold that is wanted. Bear in mind that 24 karat gold or pure gold is a very soft metal and is highly susceptible to damage and wear and tear. Gold is thus often used in jewelry as an alloy where other metals such as silver and copper are used that add strength and rigidity to the jewelry piece. The goldsmith at Ed Marshall jewelers will be able to offer expert advice in what gold karat weight is best used for the type of jewelry piece you want made and how best to balance the value of the gold used with durability and strength.

You may of course also want precious stones or gemstones included on your bracelet, necklace, earrings or ring. Fortunately Ed Marshall Jewelers is also a stockiest of individual gemstones and in particular diamonds. The gemologists employed by Ed Marshall Jewelers are highly experienced in assessing and evaluating the different elements of diamonds that make up their value and determine their best purposes for jewelry. The 4C’s are what define a diamond and include the carat, also termed karat, clarity, cut and color. The different degrees of the 4C’s determine the value so a high karat weight, transparent color, excellent cut and resulting transparency and a rare diamond color will be of very high value. Again Ed Marshall Jewelers will be able to advice on the balance of the diamond qualities with regard to cost and value while maximizing the aesthetic impact of the diamond on the jewelry piece.

Once you have decided on the gemological components of your jewelry piece it is simply a case of heading down to Ed Marshall Jewelers and having a detailed discussion on the overall design of your necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring or even a set consisting of a necklace, earrings and bracelet. Their design experience along with your wishes and expectations will ultimately result in a jewelry piece or jewelry set that no one else owns and will be once off, unique and very special piece or set of jewelry. Your jewelry will be in distinguished company as Ed Marshall Jewelers have designed jewelry for clients such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Sakowitz and many other high-end, specialty jewelry stores across the United States. You will undoubtedly be happy with the final product and its craftsmanship.

Ed Marshall Jewelers is not just a manufacturer of custom jewelry. While are you having your custom jewelry piece designed and made, it is well worth browsing the range of other new and previously owned jewelry pieces. You will find a diverse collection of designers from Norman Covan, Lika Behar, Faberge and others. Some of these will be new, never worn before items while others will be previously owned and been sold to Ed Marshall Jewelers. The expertise of Ed Marshall Jewelers does not just extend to design and manufacture of jewelry but also the discerning buying and accurate and transparent valuation of previously owned jewelry. As your own custom jewelry is being made you may find a another new or previously owned jewelry piece that perfectly complements your newly made Ed Marhsall Jewelers made piece or the perfect designer item for another occasion where you will need something similarly outstanding and unique. While you are at it, why not look for a watch for every day, for special occasions or just to smarten up your work outfits. Again, Ed Marshall Jewelers stocks a range of new and previously owned watches and from designer and fine watchmaker’s brands like Rolex, Tag Heuer and Frnack Muller through to the functional yet stylish brands such as Tissot and Seiko. Imagine a newly commissioned piece of jewelry or set of jewelry paired with a watch that will almost certainly not be on the wrist of many people.

With Ed Marshall Jewelers you have an honest, friendly yet knowledgeable and professional jewelry store that can provide you with a new or previously owned piece of jewelry or, even better, a custom, bespoke piece of jewelry or jewelry set that you have been involved in the design of. The services provided by Ed Marshall Jewelers are second to none. Their clients and customers are not just from Arizona though as their reputation has extended far beyond the city into Arizona and beyond. Potential customers travel from many other cities in Arizona and from across the country to browse through their available products or commission custom pieces of jewelry. With over forty years of providing customers with great service and a massive choice of jewelry, watches, gold coins and other collectibles and a business reputation that is accredited and endorsed, whatever it is that you buy from or even sell to Ed Marshall Jewelers you are will be satisfied. Whatever your style, elegant or seasonal, functional or exotic, you will find an item at Ed Marshall Jewelers. And Ed Marshall Jewelers is not just a once off visit type of store. Their quality custom designs will bring you back again as will their ever changing inventory of new and previously owned jewelry and watches.